Bolk was founded in Paris in 2019 as a digital design studio with a strive to help makers give birth to functional products with strong personalities.

Working at the intersection of branding and product design, the two founders developed a 6-step process meant rationalize the creative process and to easily bring together multidisciplinary teams. Composed of 60 multidisciplinary designers, no-coders and developers, across 5 different countries, the studio has been slowly turning into a collective striving to empower its community of freelancers and take on more ambitious projects. Across its 3 years of existence, Bolk has collaborated with brands such as Decathlon, Nalo, Panache, WWF, Archilogic, Epsor, Bloomays, Captain Data, Concept, LaGrowthMachine, Masteos, Universal Music, AccorHotels, EDF, Midem, Essilor, Pinterest, Startupinside, Supermood, Ponicode, Launch Mappers, the French Ministry of Finances (via IGPDE) and more.

Throughout the past 6 months we have been striving to nurture and grow the community, by building a library of tools, ressources and training programs meant to simplify the members’ daily work and everyday tasks. We are now looking to launch and expand this community program and build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) meant to better redistribute tasks, ownership, wealth and empower the members within the collective.

Mid-level (2-5 years)
Senior (6-10 years)
From Mid-level